I Believe in You

One of the most powerful things we can do for another human being is to believe in them! Even before they do. Even in the face of adversity. Even now. Think about it:

How do YOU react when someone else consistently believes you can do better, be better than you are at present?

It is a gift to the other and to yourself. We tend to shy away from making this stand because it puts the result out of our control. It takes the other to make us right and, if we are attached to being right, it is a difficult thing to do. Yet, seen differently, believing that someone can truly improve and is on the way to a better way of being is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You will treat them differently, generate possibilities, create the space in which the other feels invited to move in.  Its the others’ choice if, when and how to take you up on this, but it doesn’t make you wrong to want it. It makes you stronger. More influential. Less attached to the present.

So choose whom to start with and how far you want to reach out into the future. But remember to come about it as an excersise for YOU, to see how well you can do it, how big you can dream, how consistent you can be in seeing setbacks as stepping stones, how well you can set aside the fear of failure. Don’t blame the other if they are not living up to your expectations for them. See if you can still believe! Stay on track! Focus.  Even before they do.

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  • http://www.NorthForkCSL.org @DrJackKing

    This is such an encouraging post, Monica. For me, believing in another opens a door for us to serve one another, to begin a remarkable journey between two people and two worlds. Believing inspires us as it graciously transports both to a tender, deeply moving, profound place of sharing, a place where both feel at home, a place of compassion that lifts us above the noise and allows us to triumph over the mediocrity that distacts us from discovering a timeless world of faith, hope, and love. Taking another by the hand endears both to the profound comfort of believing in something bigger than ourselves. Believing in another is, indeed, a wonderful gift to be shared. Thank you, Monica for sharing so many precious gifts of believing every day! Love and hugs!

  • http://islandperspective.com/ Renee Ludwigs

    This is such a powerful concept. And as you so eloquently described, it works! We all flourish when we know that someone has faith in our abilities and in our possibilities. Thanks so much for inspiring us to put this into practice more often. It’s a win-win for everyone!


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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GJTX255MKOLOAERAQUPHNULOQE David Webb

    If someone consistently believes in you and tells you so, it only makes you better.


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