Wednesday is #OtherEsteem Day on Twitter

A few weeks ago, at the suggestion of Lolly Daskal, I began to invite people to tweet with the hashtag #OtherEsteem on Wednesdays.  The idea is to use the opportunity to value others more.  The reaction has been wonderful and I love to follow what happens in real time. People tell each other there how much they appreciate who they are, what they stand for, how they tweet.  Now, I am also interested in inviting people to seize the day for offline OtherEsteem efforts and then tweet about how it went.  For instance, trying another concept from the book,

How can we expect the best from people that have maybe let us down before?

Expectation is all about creating the space for others to do better than they have in the past. In a conscious effort, react to shortcomings exactly as you would react if you were dealing with somebody you EXPECT to do good.  For example, if you have a hard time dealing with a person who loses their temper on a daily basis, you might just roll your eyes if they do.  But what if one of your friends lost their temper?  Someone who is usually calm and serene?  You would probably ask if they are alright, if it was something you said, if they understood your intention.  Move yourself to react in a way that creates possibilities for others to step out of the roles they have been playing and watch what happens!

And if you are of Twitter, come join the fun!  Tweet #OtherEsteem on Wednesday, then take a peek HERE!

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  • Thomas Waterhouse

    Hi Monica. Here’s a distinction that helps me. “Reaction” is about us. It’s about how the other person makes us feel. “Mature” action lets love, compassion, and grace enter into the picture. This is about the feelings we desire for the other person! May we all set ourselves aside a little more, and OtherEsteem a while lot more! You’re a blessing.

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