Gratitude and Otheresteem

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am not in the U.S.A. now, so don’t get to join in on extensive celebrations, but I would like to just congratulate everyone who is celebrating this wonderful day. It’s such a constructive thing to allow space for thankfulness to appear. So, yes, good idea to celebrate even in our own corner of the world (alright, you can have turkey too!)

Just remember today, of all things you are grateful for, most of all, be grateful for the relationship you hold with others. Here’s a little checklist of ways in which you might explore your gratitude even in the not-so-easy relationships:

Be grateful for their presence. Just for being in your life. Imagine what life might be like if you lost them and realize in which ways it would be different. More specifically, what you would miss.

Be grateful for what they have helped you learn.A tough mentor left you with great self-discipline, a pas

t love left you understanding more of what love should be. You get the point.

Grateful for the path you walked together. For the memories and the trials you faced beside them, you might find it good to feel grateful.

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