Just How Much Inspiration?

I am sitting here asking myself that. Just how much inspiration can I get from sharing this idea with others? It seems to be limitless! I am inspired by people making the four practices their own and finding ways of engaging others in what they are doing. I am inspired by Susan Mazza who has my book on her night table and opens it up serendipitously every day to explore a different aspect to apply. I am inspired by the responses to the tip of the day and to #OtherEsteem Wednesday on Twitter. I am inspired by Mary Jo Asmus‘ blog post today and by Becky Robinson‘s heart!  By the sweet, loving presence of Randall Krause.  By Mark Hundley and his appreciation jars! By my friend, Socorro Muñoz and the women of the Junior League Mexico. By Lolly Daskal who first called it a movement. By Mike Henry Sr. and all the fellow instigators at LeadChange Group and by Jack King of Northfork Center for Servant Leadership who are bringing otheresteem into the lives of so many present and emerging leaders. By so many of my Twitter tribe, LinkedIN contacts, Facebook friends!  By my fellow Human Element practitioners. By each and every one of my clients and associates that so openly share their experiences with me. By my loving friends and family.

I could go on and on. The great thing is, I am also allowing myself to be inspired by people that I had not been able to understand before. By the very people whom I found difficult to appreciate in the past. Now that I am making a conscious effort to appreciate the good them I can see beyond what I used to criticize, into inspiring ways of thinking, of coping with hard choices, into creative solutions for their lives and mine.

Maybe its just that I am feeling so GOOD about yesterday’s airing of my interview with Roy Saunders and S. Max Brown of Real Recognition Radio! (You can catch it HERE). I am inspired to go on. To keep exploring ways to value others more and means to get other on board practicing the very same thing.

If we can touch each other this way, there is hope for the future. There is so much to look forward to. Can you feel it? Value others more and you will surely be inspired, too!

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Positive Polarity or the magic of the Appreciation Jars.

In today’s post, I want to share with you a very special otheresteem-building moment. Our extended family is like so many others: there is much love, and our share of conflict, difficulties and even the self-appointed annual Grinch! So Christmas dinner has not always turned out to be as peaceful as I would like it to be.

On Christmas Eve this year, we got together with family for our traditional holiday dinner. Every year we take the time, my husband, our children and I, to share what we appreciate in each other and what we are thankful for.  It takes place as we all weave a pine wreath and share our wishes for the world.  It has become a special, together time to look forward to.  This year, we wanted a simpler way to get close and honest with eachother that could include our extended family and not feel like an imposition on them.

That’s when I remembered what Mark Hundley had shared in that story about giving creatively : the Appreciation Jar!  I excitedly prepared everything we needed. There was one small jar for each of us and the kids decorated the tops with each person’s name and cut out little strips of colored paper for us to use.  When we were all together and had finished a gift exchange game we do, I asked each family member to pick a jar from the basket at the center of the table and make sure it was not the one with their name on it.  Each person then wrote on as many strips of paper as they wanted, things they LIKED about the person whose jar they held.  Laughingly and rather nervously the writing began.  We had said at least 10-15 strips and the jokes were about whether they would find that many things, but once you got started, it became easier and easier.

You could feel the energy in the room shift, deepen, lift! Thinking about ONLY positive things that you like about someone (even if there are a lot of things you do not like) builds your otheresteem for them and helps you realize they are not necessarily that terrible role the family has cast them in.  There is so much more to them.  Laughs, giggles, jokes, and then…slowly but surely, peace, appreciation, love came over us.  By the time we felt ready to return the jars to their owners, we were on a roll.  Each person could say whatever they wanted to give the jar, whatever they felt the need to express.  The giving of the jars was touching and full of enjoyment.  Then, we set the jars out in front of each owner and you could continue to write slips to put in any of the jars you wanted.  We were now eager to do it, and it went on and on.  It felt great to see people dropping new slips into your jar and it really created an environment of otheresteem.  We had given eachother a gift that is priceless: the chance to dine together in love and harmony,  with great otheresteem for eachother if only for that night.  We came away with those jars full of appreciation, to go back to on a rainy day or savor for times to come.

And our holiday get-together? It was polarized to the positive as never before.  Who would have known that the simple act of thinking what you like about each other person at the table would set the stage for a peaceful, wonderful, dinner?  I was not sure what to expect, but the magic of the Appreciation Jars is powerful stuff!  I said it before, and I will say it again: it is power-packed otheresteem at its best!

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